ClotMaster Revolution


  • Make fibrin dressings, sealants, structures
  • Bridges gaps, fill voids
  • Uses whole blood or marrow
  • 100% autologous – no additives
  • PRP alternative with higher platelet capture
  • 3D scaffolds from whole blood or marrow
  • Universal applications soft and hard tissue
  • 10 minute prep time, no centrifuge needed
  • Suture, inject or press in place
  • Forms paste, strips, membranes
  • Delivers growth factors slowly
  • Native 3D structure attracts, nurtures cells
  • Dense fibrous clots or gel clots
  • Carrier for chips, meshes, patches or cells
  • Single use device

Clotmaster is the better way to to apply biologics to orthopedic tissue repair and joint rejuvenation

ClotMaster is a FDA cleared Class I devices that is a simple and revolutionary way to deliver stem cells, tissue grafts and growth factors to damaged joints, such as hip, hands, knees, shoulders, elbows and ankles. ClotMaster eliminates cost and training barriers to using a biologic option in sports medicine and to offer relief for millions of people that suffer from cartilage damage, ACL and rotator cuff repairs, osteo-arthritis, tendinopathies and other soft tissue injuries.

ClotMaster enables platelet rich autologous fibrin clots (PRC) to be quickly harvested from a patients’ blood and reliably delivered to treatment site in minutes without centrifuge or chemicals and c hanges whole blood into robust clots that facilitate repair and regeneration of damaged tissue and joints.

ClotMaster is a customized autologous clot formation system and instrument that precisely and controllably delivers clot to treat surgical interventions. The product provides simpler procedures that are suitable for office or surgical environment without costly and complex preparation. ClotMaster concentrates the body's growth factors, creates fibrin repair scaffolds, and restructures them into surgical implants and graft replacements.

CM enables users to create PREFS (Platelet Rich Fibrin Scaffold) to mimic and selectively reproduce natural fibrin clot structures that can be enhanced with stem cells, drugs, genes, textiles, sutures and bone substitutes in many procedures. The CM produced Fibrin matrix can be used alone or combined with adipose derived stem cells to provide growth factors and a scaffold for joint rejuvenation.

CM uses patients’ blood to make cohesive implants or injectable tissue matrix providing natural, long-term growth factor releases. The system restores youthful appearance and improves graft retention.Blood, stem cells and fat cells are minimally manipulated by CM, and no centrifuge or additives used (competitors use bovine or synthetic fillers).