Regenerative Orthopedics

Unlock the power of natural repair with 3 types of autologous matrix forms.

We offer systems to harvest, concentrate, organize stem cells, growth factors and biologic repair matrix from the patient to enable a new level of tissue repair.
Our systems help open the door for the day when artificial joints will be obsolete, and aging will not mean cutting back on sports and activities.
Existing procedures are dramatically improved and augmented by our innovative surgical instruments and techniques to

optimize the effects of stem cells and blood derived growth factors. PSC is proud to be a pioneer for adult autologous (patient-derived) stem cell and biologic therapies in the regenerative medicine sector.
PSC has built a comprehensive user platform designed to trail blaze regenerative medicine for orthopedic arthroscopy – sports medicine – to serve the burgeoning markets of the Asia Pacific, China, the Gulf, Europe and the Americas.

CEO Message

Regenerative medicine is at an early stage. We see an enormous opportunity to lead the industry in providing the best tools to harvest the most potent stem cells, and fibrin, to rejuvenate a patient’s joints and deal with common debilitating conditions such as osteo-arthritis.

We are committed to produce systems that deliver the power to regenerate via high concentration of stem cells, growth factors, and a variety of platelet rich fibrin matrix.

Javin Pierce - CEO  Javin Pierce | CEO

Superhero Science

Salamanders can grow new limbs, so why can’t we? This interesting clip investigates speaks of unlocking regeneration in humans. According to these researchers regeneration and rejuvenation in humans is near.

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Clotmaster Shoulder Surgery

Dr. Christopher Proctor published this video clip in online magazine “Arthroscopy Techniques” reporting on a case of using platelet rich fibrin clot to arthroscopically augment a rotator cuff repair.

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