ClotMaster & PRC

CM enables users to create Platelet Rich Clot (PRC) to mimic and selectively reproduce natural fibrin clot structures that can be used with cells, agents, textiles, sutures, autografts, and bone substitutes in a variety of procedures.

Low cost alternative to PRP:

  • Single use Hula Cup device
  • No centrifuge
  • Whole blood with no additives
  • Fibrin scaffold created 30 seconds of manual swirling
  • PRP 20 to 40 minutes prep – PRC 10 minutes
  • Slow natural release of growth factors in physiologic balance
  • Stays in place during surgery, PRP often lost
  • Natural matrix for cell ingrowth
  • Carrier for cells, agents, or other biomaterials
  • Scaffold can be formed to optimize for different tissue types