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PSC was founded by CEO Javin Pierce, a medical device inventor with 11 issued patents and 7 patents pending with USPTO, and the former co-founder, Vice President, and CFO of Arthrex, Inc., a top sports medicine leader in suture anchor and the knee ligament repair markets.
ClotMaster is backed by an 18 device-strong innovative product portfolio for shoulder and knee joint preservation, two of the largest medical market opportunities. In addition, PSC is introducing a non-surgical (injectable) stem cell therapy for osteo-arthritis (OA) – a market with tremendous growth potential due to the high incidence of OA in global markets.

Proud to be a Stem Cell Pioneer

PSC serves the exciting markets of the China, Asia Pacific, the Gulf, Europe and the Americas

Pierce Surgical Consolidated Inc. (PSC) is a Delaware-incorporated medical device company with headquarters in the USA and regional operations in Hong Kong through its PSC Asia Ltd. subsidiary. PSC holds a significant stake in Hong Kong-based PSC Cosmetics Ltd. (PSCC), a global company focused on stem cell and regenerative medicine solutions for aesthetics and plastic surgery.

PSC develops and manufactures regenerative medicine technologies in the form of disposable and durable medical devices for the handling and manipulation of stem cell harvesting and application systems.PSC holds licenses to a suite of patent rights directed at orthopedic arthroscopy and develops specific applications of that technology.

PSC is positioned to access the multi-billion dollar joint preservation and regeneration market through a proprietary technology platform using adult autologous stem cells and blood derived tissue building matrix and growth hormones to regenerate tissue.

PSC has created an innovative portfolio of sports medicine products for arthroscopy, a minimally invasive surgical procedure in which joint examination and treatment is performed using an arthroscope inserted through a small incision. PSC has patented and sells ClotMaster (CM), a revolutionary tissue repair system, to provide orthopedic surgeons with a proven, cost effective and easy to use biologic healing aid.

PSC is proud to be a pioneer for adult autologous (patient-derived) stem cell and biologic therapies in the regenerative medicine sector. PSC has built a comprehensive user platform designed to trail blaze regenerative medicine for orthopedic arthroscopy – sports medicine – to serve the burgeoning markets of the Asia Pacific, China, the Gulf, Europe and the Americas.