Management Team

Javin Pierce

Javin Pierce

Chief Executive Officer

CEO Javin Pierce is the Founder of the Pierce Group of companies and responsible for global operations. Pierce has worked in the medical device sector for nearly over three decades and has 11 issued patents and 7 patents pending with the USPTO.

Pierce previous worked as the co-founder, Vice President, and Chief Financial Officer of Arthrex, Inc., one of the leading sports medicine companies and the leader in the suture anchor and knee ligament repair market segments. At Arthrex Pierce was known for his invention of the Percutaneous Knot Pusher, a ground-breaking device that enabled arthroscopic repairs of the shoulder. Pierce’s Knot Pusher led to the explosive growth of Arhrax, now one of the world’s largest privately medical device companies.

Pierce worked for the University of Vermont, Department of Orthopedics and Rehabilitation for 10 years in knee ligament, and sports biomechanics. In 2001, Pierce was recognized by the State of Vermont as a Small Business Innovator of The Year for his revolutionary knee-sparing ski boot, the Lange V9.