ClotMaster is a revolutionary product line that provides regenerative medicine for tissue repair, and rejuvenation. ClotMaster Autologous Fibrin Matrix™ requires no additives or centrifuge, and provides sustained release of growth factors in user-selected densities and microstructure.

Suturable BioScaffold™

Suturable Bioscaffold(tm) Dense fibrin matrix with high platelet capture. Select the shape and fiber orientation, forms membranes or highly elastic strips.

Flowable BioMatrix™

The safe, natural, alternative to PRP and artificial fillers. ClotMaster® creates a liquid fibrin matrix with the full compliment of cells and growth factors. 10 minute prep time. No centrifuge or chemicals required.

Gel BioMatrix™

Cohesive high volume gel that is easy to handle and can be cut into strips, packed into spaces, wrapped around structures. Can be used as a carrier or coating for chips, textiles, and grafts.