Suturable BioScaffold™

Suturable BioScaffold™

Create suturable platelet rich scaffold structures from whole blood, or marrow in just ten minutes using neither additives nor centrifuge

SUTURABLE BIO-SCAFFOLDS are formed by keeping the blood sample in motion via mechanical or manual swirling for 10 minutes. The user can select the shape and fiber orientation of the fibrin clot by adjusting the glass rod height from the base. Constant motion of the blood for 10 minutes, will form a fibrin clot STRIP around the glass, or MEMBRANE under the glass rod.


Automatic non-centrifuge orbital shaker for consistent 10 minute, hands-free formation of sterile Suturable BioScaffold, for the office or operating room. Variable speed and timer with automatic shut-off makes tissue engineering simple.

Suturable Bio-Scaffold with Parallel Fibers

Suturable Bio-Scaffold Membrane with Cross-Linked Fibers

10 min Manual Swirl or 10 min Mechanical Swirl on the ClotMaster PS-3200 “Hula Dancer”


Directions for forming Suturable BioScaffolds ™

STEP 1: Snap Lid Shut and Select Rod Height

Suturable BioScaffold with Parallel Fibers: Place end of frosted glass rod all the way down so there is no gap between the bottom of Hula Cup and the glass rod.

Suturable BioScaffold Membrane with Cross-linked Fibers: Place end of frosted glass rod 2-5mm from bottom of Hula Cup. Clot will form to fill gap.

STEP 2: Dispense Blood into Hula Cup

Immediately Dispense 10-60 cc of Blood or Bone Marrow Aspirate into the ClotMaster Hula Cup after drawing

STEP 3: Swirl Sample to Form Clot

Swirl sample for 10 minutes, manually or using the ClotMaster PS-3200 “Hula Dancer”

STEP 4: Open Hula Cup Lid & Transfer Sample from Glass Rod to Sterile Field

Suturable BioScaffold with Parallel Fibers: Transfer anulus clot from rod, and cut to form an elongated strip

Suturable BioScaffold Membrane with Cross-linked Fibers: Transfer membrane from glass rod to sterile field